Help with new junction layout

I’m not the best artist in the world. Is anyone able to help with the new junction layout at The layout is at’s%20Corner%20Junction%20Layout.pdf


Ooh - has the FARRRS road (finally) opened? I’ve been wondering when that will happen. M18 J3 seems to have been flashing lights, cones and blokes sat scratching their heads for weeks now :slight_smile:

I suspect it’ll probably need a survey and some GPS traces up and down the new bits of road - for a couple of reasons. One is that there’s no guarantee that the PDF on Doncaster’s website is suitably licensed. It’s possible that the survey’s based entirely on Carillion’s own data (even the waterways) but I suspect it’s more likely that it’s based on OS mapping and unless explicitly released under a suitable licence it’s not going to be usable within OSM.

The other reason is that it’s not really clear from Carillion’s PDF what the current state is. It shows “before”, “intermediate” and “finished”, but other than the headlines of the first part of the road being open it’s not clear where we are. Is the park and ride operating as normal? Where do buses go now?

Once someone’s been there and had a look it’s much easier to use GPS traces to draw where the road goes now. That’s essentially how I did the changes to White Rose Way to the north a couple of years ago ( ) and also the new A57 layout near the M1. There are still a few notes need resolving around there though.

However I suspect, looking at , that you’re ahead of me here!

I’ve driven down there and back and back tonight, and nudged the road to split the difference between your traces and mine (there’s not much difference).

I’ve added a guess at how far south and west the new iPort goes, and nudged the Parrots Corner junction based on my recollection:

Still more to do there though. Does what’s there so far look OK? If not, please correct it (or let me know). I’m not sure that Sheep Bridge Lane extends north to the pub, now that what’s effectively the A road does just to the east of it. Also not sure how Hayfield Lane joins.