Help with multipolygon

I’m having difficulties getting a grass area surrounding a couple of paths to render correctly. It is within a scrub, but the pattern of the scrub is showing over the top of the grass.

Scrub, created new relation multipolygon - Role outer
Grass, selected multipolygon as relation - Role inner

Am I missing something?

Many thanks!


shows that there’s no tags on the relation itself, but instead on the “outer” way. If the grass is to be a “hole” in the scrub, transfer the tags from the outer way to the relation.

The tricky bit is how to do that in iD (the default web editor on OSM’s website). iD “hides” relation functionality where it can, and it may have got confused somehow. This area’s a bit more confusing because there are other relations there too, such as (the adjacent residential area). I’m not an iD editor expert; maybe one will be along in a bit to explain how to do it there. It’s certainly possible to do in other OSM editors such as Potlatch 2 or JOSM.