Help with mapping city

Hi guys

I’m a builder for the Terracraft 1:1 build. We’re building the entire earth in minecraft, 1:1 scale. We’re using OSM to plan out the buildings and it’s working great. However, I have a problem. I’m the builder for my city, a city of 110,000 people. A lot of houses, right? The problem is none of them are on OSM. According to the council there’s 58,000 residential buildings here. I can’t draw them all in AND build every one in minecraft! It’s crazy! Can someone please help me get the buildings on there? Thank you!

Hmm … can you help us at Missing Maps / HOT OSM mapping the same number of buildings in a (potential) disaster area?
Quid pro quo.

You can start by tellung us which city you mean in which country. It would ne nice to see a new part where nothing is mapped right now :slight_smile: