help with map generation

Hi, I’m asking for help with map generation. (OSM for Garmin)
First of all, I’ve never done this before, and I have no idea.

Reading the available wikis, I got an idea of how this works.

What I do now is:
I get from the .pbf file of the country I’m interested in.
If it’s too big I use the splitter to divide it.

I use Mkgmap and the parameters I use are the ones I copy below (now I have a map of Iceland):

–Family ID=9999

bounds and sea are two folders where the corresponding files of borders and sea polygons are located.

By doing this the process ends without error messages and produces a map that in Basecamp allows you to make paths and apparently works well.

But there are two things that suggest to me that something is not right.

The generated map (Iceland) has a size of 19.5MB, while the web occupies 26.4MB.

In the gps I use, Garmin Montana, calculates the routes but takes a long time to do so, while with the maps of the web the plot is almost instantaneous.

Can you tell me if what I’m doing is right, or should I make changes?


I think you should start your own thread.

Anyway, the parameters used for are documented here

Not quite: the link points to the “Generic new” style and it is almost entirely cosmetic. Lambertus has documented his mkgmap settings elsewhere.

The mkgmap settings are listed there too