Help with lanetool and JOSM earlier version


I am trying to use the lanetool plugin ( and ) with JOSM version 3329. The problem is that it cannot load the plugin when JOSM starts. On the plugin’s home page the latest approved version of JOSM for this plugin is 2623. I tried looking for this version or an earlier one of JOSM, but unfortunately i haven’t found anything.

Do you know where i could find an earlier version of JOSM(2623 or earlier)? Or do you know how to make the lanetool plugin work with this newer release?

Thank you!

I’ve updated the lanetool sourcecode and compiled a new version that should be compatible with JOSM 3329 (tested), 3372 (latest) and future releases until the next backwards-incompatible change in the plugin interface. It’s available for download on the page you have already linked in this thread.

It should will work now. If it doesn’t, please let me know.

Thank you. It also works with 3373 (currently latest, 3372 has been removed from the site).