Help with bus routes

please can someone help with bus routes can you tell how to the bus routes sp thay can go on the open bus map i was making a road and tagging it with route bus and name tag for the bus number thank you

hello darren the bus routes must be tagged using relations the idea is that you must first have the roads in place then you add a relation to them if there is no relation that already exists for your route then you need to create one you can find more information on the wiki here and here for the instructions about how to do that with potlatch once you have added the relation to the according ways you will be able to see that on for example osmtransport i don’t know what you mean by open bus map maybe you can provide me with a link so that i can check that out now i will stop writing because i guess my answer is already long enough and without any punctuation so i hope you are able to understand what i mean

Please Darren, next time use some points and commas. That way people can understand your question :wink:

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Thanks for the links, I only knew and used

I was going to create a post about this issue, but I found my answer here. Thank you!