Help with Anacortes-Orcas Island Ferry Route

I’ve found several examples where OpenStreetMap cannot route automobile traffic from Anacortes to Orcas and neighboring islands. I looked to see if there was an obvious edit to fix the issue, but none was apparent. I didn’t want my first edit to break someone else’s hard work, so I thought I would ask if there was anyone willing to take a look to see if they could find a problem with the route and share an explanation.


Hi, regarding a route Anacortes to Orcas. The route for auto-mobiles goes from Anacortes via the ferry terminal on the north end of Lopez Island then via the ferry dock north east point on Shaw Island then on to Orcas. This can be ascertained easily at :-
As you can see the routeing between the two places does work so no need to edit it. It may be that the software you have used has a problem or its database is not up to date. Best first check if the database is current.


Thank you Bernard. I thought I had confirmed the issue on another OpenStreetMap based solution, but you are correct. The problem seems to be limited to how graphHopper is interpreting the data.