Help to change category

Facebook uses this map on its platform, right?
It turns out that in the last few days the city where I live, on Facebook, has changed from the category of city to municipality, and that way, I can no longer do data surveys on Audience Insights and even on Instagram I cannot find the city to target ads.

Recalling that here is a city and was recognized as such on Facebook, being recently changed.

Can anyone help to return Pará de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to city category?

Hi. I don’t know if FB uses OSM or not.

In OSM, the place has been a “town” for ~12 years, and hasn’t changed recently.
Given the population, town seems appropriate.

The corresponding boundary relation has been unchanged for 3 years.

Also please note, in OSM we don’t “tag for the renderer”, or more specifically, we don’t tag mistruths to get certain downstream effects.

But administrative boundary was added recently

Look this


So a lower level admin boundary (level 10) was added to represent a bairro inside the city. That shouldn’t change the way the higher level is interpreted, but then again, we have no way of knowing how FB uses the data.

What should we be looking at? You mentioned a change from city to municipality status but those screenshots don’t use those words. Please remember that we can look at what is in OSM data, but we dont know what FB does with it.

I opened a ticket on Facebook and they reported me to open a ticket on OSM. So I don’t know what to do.

Look this vídeo

my city is not located on the map. the neighboring city, smaller than mine, is normally located.

I suggest to post the issue in the Brazil subforum. Probably they can help you check if the data in OSM is good or bad…