Help setting up Nominatim

Hi everyone,
I’m having some trouble setting up Nominatim. I based my instructions off of:

The first URL didn’t talk about installing Nominatim. The Nominatim doc talks about loading planet data, which I’ve already done.

I named my database gis (instead of nominatim) as that’s what the first page had used as an example. I tried setting local.php and settings.php DSN to “@define(‘CONST_Database_DSN’, ‘pgsql://@/gis’);” but that hasn’t seemed to help. I can render the nominatim page but at the top I get “Data: DB Error: no such table” and if I search I get “Illegal query string (not an UTF-8 string)”

I’m suspecting that it can’t really reach the DB. I’m not quite sure how to fix it. I didn’t do any of the DB load process in the Nominatim doc as I had done it before in manually-building-a-tile-server. ex:

I didn’t run ./utils/setup.php --osm-file --all

but the planet DB is definitely loaded as I can see the world map on my server (example from the first url).

Does anyone have any advice on what I can look at next?

Maybe some hints are at when searching for nominatim or database or server.

Do you want to render tiles via Mapnik AND enable the Nominatim search engine from one single database? Then do a general internet search about “nominatim mapnik same database”

The tile rendering database and the geocoding database are completely different. There is currently no way to use the same database for both.