Help requested with an edit revert


A newbie ( has recently made some edits to my local area and, unfortunately, these are very wrong. I have commented on the changeset as well as sending the user a PM to ask them to revert their changes. No response.

I cannot see how this is a genuine error - the changes they’ve made simply don’t exist and never have done. There are quite a few small changes but also some very large ones, like adding a road through a nature reserve and changing the reserve to residential construction.

I’m hoping someone familiar with the revert scripts could simply revert their changets? It would take me quite a while to manually edit everything back.


It is quite possible their other changes aren’t accurate but I can’t really tell (some say they’re changes to Lancaster but are, in fact, to Newcastle).

Apologies if this is not the correct place to post (fairly experienced at OSM but new to the forums!).

Many thanks,


Some of the Newcastle stuff looks iffy too (new metro lines). Please do comment on any other problem changesets explaining what’s wrong - they’ll show up at .

Before reverting I’m currently looking for anything that looks valid …

I’ve reverted this in because even looking at the first change there were deletions that looked problematical.

Thanks for mentioning it here, but for info, probably the best way to report these sorts of issues is to either click the “Report this User” link on the user page or to mail the Data Working Group directly via I happened to spot this new thread here but it’s a relatively low traffic forum (for whatever reason, most UK people are on the talk-gb or talk-ie mailing lists).

  • Andy (from the DWG)

Thanks for looking into this Andy and sorting.

I had noticed that this was low traffic and so also posted to the mailing list - but I’ll do as you suggest in future.