Help requested for problems with coastline in Kochi, India

I’m having trouble generating a good map from the OSM data at the above location using mkgmap (for use on my Garmin Oregon 300). Roads are working fine, but the sea surrounding the peninsulas in the area of the bay isn’t showing up on the device. I can’t tell where the sea starts and the land ends on Oregon… It looks fine on the openstreetmap site…

java -Xmx1024m -jar mkgmap.jar --mapname=63242222 --code-page=1252 --tdbfile --gmapsupp --latin1 --country-abbr=IN --country-name=INDIA --road-name-pois --route --product-id==99 --family-id=99 --family-name=“OSM maps” --description=“OSM India” india.osm

Any tips?


I just tried the --generate-sea suggested in this thread using v1417

It worked well for the sea outside of the bay - but the area that’s drawn as a number of sections is still looking like land, not water.