Help! Problem with saving - "data invalid"

Hi, been contributing for a long while now, today just been making some edits in Port Harcourt in Nigeria, using the Bing imagery there. I’ve gone to save my edits, the save window appears but after a while an additional error window pops up saying

“A server error occurred. Do you want to retry? (The server said: Precondition failed: Cannot create way: data is invalid.)”

I’ve never had this error message come up before, and I was wondering, is it a problem with the server, or is it something I’ve done wrong? The edit itself is quite large, done over a few hours, with a load of changes to major roads in the area, so the list of data is enormous. This will teach me for not saving regularly!

Any help would be appreciated, cheers!

I assume that you are using the editor Potlatch2 from the main OSM site.

The only hint I can give you is to retry the saving of the edits.

If that does not work, it seems that your work is probably lost. Check your own edits/changesets whether your edits did reach the main server nevertheless.

If there are serious problems with the OSM database server for a longer time, check the OSM wiki about

If you want to keep on doing big edits, I would recommend you to try one of the offline editors like Merkaartor or JOSM. There you can save your edits locally before uploading to the main server.