Help on tagging school & kindergarten in same building & grounds

When tagging a school the wiki says to tag the grounds amenity=school, name=* and the building building=school.

But how will this tagging become if in the same building exists a school and a kindergarten which share the same grounds?
I have a problem tagging all this especially the grounds: I consider to tag the building building=yes and make 2 nodes inside the building and tag each one like this: For the school: building=school, name=1st school, addr=* and for the kindergarten: building=kindergarten, name=1st kindergarten, addr=* (the address remains the same).
But how should I tag the grounds? It should be amenity=school in 1st case and amenity=kindergarten in 2nd case…

Thank you!

There is currently no neat solution for this. Ideally, we’d have a landuse-value like landuse=educational that is implied by amenity=school, and can be explicitly mapped when a school’s grounds hold more than one educational amenity. For now mapping them both as nodes is correct.

Some people do use landuse=educational (500 times), but its meaning has not been documented or proposed yet. I think it would be analogous to landuse=religion and amenity=place_of_worship.

See also the table in this proposal:

You could also map the area with the tags of the larger of the two (the school probably) and have the other one as a node.

Thank you!

Now I try: building=yes.
Inside this building a node for kindergarten with: amenity=kindergarten, name=name1, phone=, addr=.
And a node for school: amenity=school, name=name2, phone=, addr= (it is the same address as above)
And the grounds: landuse=educational, which I believe will not be visible on the map and Osmand. Could I put on the area: leisure=playground, access=private ?

You mean map the area amenity=school (and also put all school tags on the are?) and put only 1 node with amenity=kindergarten? Should I not put a 2nd node with amenity=school?

I think most would consider that to be tagging for the renderer, unless the entire grounds are actually a playground, which seems unlikely considering that there’s at least one building in it.

You wouldn’t add a second node for amenity=school. That would duplicate the tag already present on the area, creating two schools where only one exists. You’d tag the area as amenity=school, and add a node for amenity=kindergarten. Personally, this is the way I’d tag it.

Thank you, so I will do it this way. Address is on the area amenity=school, should I put address on the kindergarten node too?
And the building should be building=school or building=yes? I am asking because kindergarten is in this building too.

If it’s the same address, then it shouldn’t be duplicated. The address is implied by the kindergarten node being located inside the addressed school area.

The building tag should reflect the form of the building. For example, a church that has been converted to a restaurant would still be building=church. If the building in your case looks like a school, then building=school would be good. If you’re not sure or if it’s an edge-case, then the generic building=yes is always fine.

Thank you, I am asking about the building because it could be tagged building=school or building=kindergarten. But school is the biggest part of it, so I think building=school is OK.

That the school occupies the biggest section does not determine the value for the building tag.

A building=school, typically means a building with a corridor and large rooms on both or one side of the corridor. Is there a difference in form between a building for a school and a kindergarten? I doubt that I can see the difference when all signs and furniture are removed.

The value for building should be chosen such that when a few classrooms are converted from first grade to kindergarten or back (typically by changing furniture,etc.) the building-value remains the same.