Help. Nominatim returns "Usage limit reached."

Sorry in advance, am complete novice here.
Have setup an instance of Fixmystreet to map speed cameras in London.
It seems to call Nominatim to geocode an address to a lat/long.
Tile server seem to work ok.
Was working for a while, now geocode returns “Usage limit reached.”.
Found the call to nominatim and had default of “support@fixmystreet” and now changed to our email.
Had brief period we might have broken 1 lookup/second (testing) but overall our useage is very low.
Waited two days to see if it calms down, but still no access.
Who can i contact regarding releasing us from this limit?

Our servers at never automatically block you longer that a few hours. You might get permanently banned for not setting a custom user agent but that would return a 403 “Forbidden”. In fact I can’t think of a place right now where we send “Usage limit reached” in that exact wording. So please recheck if it is really calls to that are the origin of this message. If yes, then send a mail to with details of the new email address and an example of a URL that you call and we sort it out.

See Beschränkungen Nominatim??
Nominatim Usage Policy (aka Geocoding Policy)
Basic Installation - Nominatim 4.2.3

Bit puzzled why you want to use FixMyStreet to map speed cameras: what’s wrong with OpenStreetMap? There are already web maps showing speed cameras from OSM. OSM-based apps such as StreetComplete (mobile) and MapComplete (web) can also be used to create dedicated “quests” to add or update certain objects (both have quests for CCTV cameras, but not speed cameras). Although these have similar names they are not related.

Normally, access to Nominatim will reset over time, but I’m not aware of quite how long. It is possible you have also not adhered to other policies.