Help needed...

Good people I ask for forgiveness and assistance,

Last night I edited peace of map to add some streets and buildings (new build). All went well and using JOSM I was able to draw and mark majority of the required detail. On submitting the changes I did ask for my work to be reviewed as there were few conflicts which I might have not resolved correctly. To be honest this was a first time when I had any conflicts.

My changes have been submitted to the map and are now visible (at least partially) here:

This is where I need help… If you zoom in and out you’ll see that buildings appear and disappear from the map. Additionally some adjacent tiles have been affected (roads and paths missing, Haddon road being a prime example).

Please could someone explain how (if at all possible) can I revert my changes to restore map integrity or implement my changes so they are visible at all elevation.

Many thanks,

I havent looked at this comprehensively, but generally it looks fine, other than you do seem to have removed a couple of roads in Haddon.

It’s pretty normal for changes to be rendered at different zoom levels at different times. Sometimes switching to the HOT (humanitarian) layer is a quicker way to see all the changes.

I’ll restore the deleted roads.

There are a few untagged ways here - is an example. I’m guessing that these are something or the boundary of something, but because they don’t have any OSM tags on them and don’t form part of a relation OSM renderers won’t know what to do with them yet. There are a few other examples in that area - maybe go back and have a go at tagging some of them with OSM tags to say what they are?

I think I’ve restored the ways which were deleted, but various cycle routes did get mangled.

I presume the ways without tags are car park aisles & service roads.

I’d like some reassurance that the source used for these edits was an acceptable one.

Please don’t use JOSM if you’re a beginner! It’s like giving a toddler a chainsaw to cut their toe-nails for the first time. The default iD editor is much more suitable if this is your first attempt at editing OpenStreetMap.

Thank you all,

I did have a chance to add some more detail and tag objects previously only outlined on the map. I did use the iD Editor on it is much easier to work with areas that are already visible on the aerial view, however I wanted to add a new part of Peterborough.

As to the source I used the master plan from here:
this is a low quality image which would need adjusting once the whole construction phase will finish.