Help needed: WikiVoyage Hebrew interactive maps

Wikivoyage is a Wikipedia-style (“anyone can edit”) travel guide. It also has a Hebrew translation:
Not the most comprehensive resource, to say the least, but it may get there one day.

One feature it has is “interactive maps”. For instance:מדבר_יהודה
Maps are from OSM. Numbered dots are added using the following template:
Note the fields “lat” and “long” which give the coordinates. If they are present, and the page has a map, it will be placed on the map.

It would be nice if all of the items mentioned in Wikivoyage-HE pages will be mapped in OSM and that all of them will have proper coordinates. Any better idea for mapping?

Update: here is an example of using the template in:

All places listed with a number in front of them have location and appear on the map. The others, don’t.

I managed to find many of the sites, though for two I had to use Wikipedia: Sidna Ali (I can see nothing there so I didn’t add it) and the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, which I added, as its location was clear.

Please see a similar discussion (in two forums):

There is a reference to source of the coordinates in Wikivoyage and the compliance with OSM requirements.

Thanks for the links.

Note that I did not copy the coordinates from Wikipedia. The Wikipedia article said that the mmuseum resides at a certain building and thus I placed the new location right next to the existing node we have for that building. But anyway, in this case we use (mostly) data from OSM in order to display it on OSM-based maps. Likewise, if the coordinates of Sidna-Ali would have pointed to something that looks like it in the OSM data (or in the Bing photos), I could have marked it (potentially with source:bing).

I also have some hopes that OSM will one day move to CC-BY-SA-4 (which does handle database rights, as opposed to previous versions) as its license and hence become once again more compatible with the Wikimedia projects.