Help needed in updating Kokhav Yair map

Hi all,

I’m new to OSM, and would need some time to learn how to map.
Meanwhile I need some help in updating the map of Kochav Yair as I would like to use it in an article I write about the settlement (mainly the streets grid). It is a part of a serie of articles I write about walks I take with my dog. You can get a glimps of it here:,7340,L-8866,00.html

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,

Hi ori,

Great to see another newbe here.
Of course we can try to help here…

Can you please post a link to the place you are talking about?

Hi and thanks,

I guess you mean something like that:



Great articles!
Now if you could only get a GPS recorder for your dog, we’d have your tracks, and were able to map them! :slight_smile:

I mapped parts of Kochav Yair using Bing imagery. Clouds prevented me from completing the streets… May I suggest that you walk around Tzur Yigal? It is better mapped at the moment.

Thanks for the link.

I also added some more streets, farms, parks in that area.
Of course most of it is just guessing, but you should have a good base to continue and people see the full place in the map.

I added names to your new streets, and added a few more, and also the Cemetery, and other small stuff.


Great what is possible in such a small time frame.
The result is very impressive for mapping where nobody visited the site itself
(except a dog and his owner :slight_smile: )

A new post from yesterday with a link to OSM - Thanks Ori!,7340,L-3995683,00.html

Great Ori!

Thanks for the promotion, but I have a question…
Why is your map having buildings and other stuff that the OSM map doesn’t include?
Look on the right of nr. 16 or on nr. 8 or 5

Seems like you edited the wrong map :slight_smile:

This is the article which Ori needed our help with.
And the map derived from OSM
Compare with OSM.

Sadly, the OSM database doesn’t have all the features in Ori’s map…



great to see that our work has been used in his article.
But I still don’t understand why it looks sooooo different than the source map.

Why does his map have streets inside that the OSM doesn’t have.
Great work, but why wasn’t it added to OSM and than he would just add some numbers and special icons to it.

He used OSM, added a lot of very important and interesting POI, addresses etc. to it and placed it to his article.

Please provide your data to OSM and I would be very happy to assist you in your next dog walk city :slight_smile:
@Ori : If you have any question how to map something you are always welcome to ask in this discussion board.

He took the OSM Mapnik tiles, and edited them in a graphical software (e.g. Paint, gimp, photoshop, etc.) and put that in this article.

I agree that it is a pity not to have all that info in OSM.


It looks like he did a lot of graphical work here.
Even roads are rendered from living_street as residential in his map.

I’m not sure I would change the background color of a street in a map to make it more visible :slight_smile:

שלום לכולם,

אני מעדיף עברית כי קצב ההדפסה שלי באנגלית איטי באופן מחריד.

אדרוך ביקש את השתתפותי בדיון, ולמרות שאני לא רואה שאלה ספציפית אני אספר על הנסיון שלי עם האתר.

זו הכתבה ה-18, ובכל הכתבות עד עכשיו השתמשתי במפות שציירתי בג’ימפ על בסיס או.אס.אם. כתבה מספר 19 (עם המפה) נשלחה כבר, וכעת אני עובד על הכתבה האחרונה שתשלח בהקדם. המידע שאני מוסיף למפות מבוסס על סיורים בשטח, רישום וצילום.
הסיבה שלא הוספתי את המידע לבסיס הנתונים של או אס אם היא שלא ממש חשבתי על זה, מה גם שבמסגרת הזמן שיש לי בין כתבה לכתבה, זה נראה לי מורכב וטיים קונסיומינג. בנוסף, המידע שאני כולל הוא פעמים רבות רב מהמקובל כאן, ולכן העדפתי להשתמש בנסיון הגרפי של עם מפות מאו אס אם, שצברתי כאשר התאמתי מפות מכאן לצרכי וויקיפדיה.

רק לאחרונה דיברתי עם טל שהציע לי להשתלם בנושא, והבטחתי לו שבעתיד לבוא, אתחיל לתרום לאתר.
הייתי שמח למצוא מישהו בסביבת תל אביב, שישמח להפגש איתי ולהדריך אותי קצת.
אני חייב להודות לכם על העבודה המבורכת והקשה שאתם עושים כאן, כי המפות שלכם עזרו לי מאוד.



זה הקישור לכל הכתבות של הטור. בכל כתבה יש מפה מכאן שעובדה על ידי:,7340,L-8866,00.html

Ori Toar

Hi Ori,

we have new sat images for Israel and one new area that is visible now is Kochav Yair Tzur Yigal.
So if you want to add your collected details back to Openstreetmap you are welcome to start with:

Happy mapping :slight_smile: