Help me delete my changeset

Hi guys,

Weird thing happened today. Opened up potlatch, found a major highway in Kuala Lumpur missing and started retracing it again. During that time I was assuming that previous data has been deleted during license change.

A few hours later, I re-opened the area with download using JOSM. Lo and behold, there was old data in there, which basically means that I had retrace another highway on top of the old one. Is there a way to just delete all the edits in the changeset without going through each one? My changeset number is 11421946.

BTW, what happened? partial data download in potlatch?

Yes, in JOSM you can revert a whole Change Set.

In the Menu you have an item for this.

But you have to install the reverter plugin first.

of course. :wink: