Help - looking for a base world map with country borders+administrat.

Can anyone point me to where to download a ready made mp or img file for
a worldmap with just country borders and internal administrative subdivisions?

And a csv or gpx with towns/cities (longitude, latitude, name of town/city) of over 5000h. / 10000h. / etc


Most people use Natural Earth (, a separately curated set of files for this type of application (in fact OSM uses them for small scale maps too). I’m not sure which internal admin divisions, if any, NE supports. Because NE is generalised to specific scales internal boundaries sourced from OSM might not match.

Thanks for the tip.
Maps are in formats that I have been unable to transform to a usable IMG. I got shapefile shp and tried to get a mp format using mapedit, but after some hours did not go further that obtaining transparent polygons… so, are not shown in IMG format as polygon borders are not shown… (wish not to change TYP).

Also tried shp2mp, without any more success…


You need to provide a bit more info, IMG could be Garmin or some other format.

My final target is Garmin IMG, but polish mp (PFM) or OSM are ok also.
Thanks again.