Help in Nepal

Dear friends from Ukraine,

today there was a new earthquake in Nepal.

Please help with mapping:

Best regards,

This video begin with old video of building. It is not good. :frowning:

I didn´tknow that. Shit.

Anyway, a lot of people die today, and next earthquakes in this part of the world in the next weeks and monts (according to the geoogical survey) are very probably. So, please help with mapping there.

Thanks, Marek. I’ve just contributed a little. Hopefully more people will join soon.
The location is hardly easy to map: mountains, lots of small streams looking like footpaths. And MUCH wood on top of that.

От себя замечу: местность непростая: горы, куча ручьёв и троп, которые легко перепутать. И поверх этого - куча леса. DigitalGlobe-овские снимки имеет смысл подключить руками, как описано в гайде по первой ссылке: местами снимки отличаются от бинговских и мапбокса, и видно цветные пятна. Не понял, крыши это или тенты, но часто коррелирует с расположением домиков на бинге, так что отмечал как здания.

Please use for forests in Nepal natural=wood.
Nepal has no managed forests like in Europe.
shows cathegory building=collapsed

are a lot of areas still open. Maybe somebody of you can halp?