Help Identifying This Map Render for Project

I’m trying to render a project map using this exact styling. Can any expert please identify the exact parameters that are used to render these maps?

These are used in the Vianova screens on board New York City transit buses.

Thank you for any response.

What does the message in the bottom right-handcorner after (c)OpenStreetMap say?

It might be OpenMapTiles OSM Bright or similar.

(C) contributors

Did you ask them directly?

It looks as if they used openstreetmap-carto as a beginning and minimized the style by getting rid of buildings, amenities, housenumbers, etc (and changing landuse colors a bit). Then they either included extra rules for their displaying their bus lines, but I rather assume that this is an extra layer that is than for display build on top of the minimized openstreetmap-carto as a base.