Help for VGI article

(sorry folks, I can’t speak french, so here just my help request in EN)

Dear Mappers,

this is !i! from the german OSM division. I’m currently working on improving the Wikipedia articles about Neogeography (and OSM is one of the aspects). There they refer to the first occurance of the word to a french paper with the title Une Epistemologie de l’espace concret: Neo-geographie. Sadly there is no translation for me and the WP article lacks currently in further details of what Francois Dagognet understands on the term.

Can anybody of you please help me and tell me in 1…3 sentences, what the paper is about?

It’s not a paper but a book :

Its author, François Dagognet, is a philosopher but also doctor in medicine (physician). His book is about “Epistemology”, the philosophy of sciences and knowledge. Reading the book summary, it’s hard to understand the subject but his “néo-géographie” has nothing to do with the current meaning on the web2.0 geographes participating in content creation.

Thanks Pieren, had a lot to do this days, but will make the article more accurate, soon.