Help Fixing a Couple Relations

Hi there!

I’m brand new to OSM and am in need of direction/help. I was trying to download some Himalayan mountain range geometry for Nepal through overpass. I noticed a couple relations appear to be incomplete (Changla/Nalakankar/Gorakh himals):

These himals look fine in Nominatim (I think it’s an old version?), but they’re definitely missing a number of ‘ways’ when you download the current version. I looked through the history and I think the missing ways were deleted in this changeset:

I downloaded JOSM and tried to see if I could figure out how to look at the old versions (visually), but I couldn’t figure it out and there seemed to be limited tooling when googling around. I installed the reverter plugin to see if that would work, but it seems to hang at “Checking coordinates of 26,861 nodes”. As well, each of the Himals seem to have been edited since this deletion so I’m not sure how reverting would work here.

In closing, I think my questions are:

  • How does etiquette work when reverting changes? Should I be contacting the person who made these changes?
  • What is the best way to fix these relations? I’ve spent a bunch of time trying to figure this out, but I’m struggling due to lack of experience. Can anyone help with this? I’d like to contribute, but it’s probably too advanced for me right now.

EDIT: I think I’ve got the hang of editing now and can figure this out on my own :slight_smile: