help : big osm file

Good day everyone.
i have big OSM file its about 2GB . i have open it by using JOSM with high cash memory ( java -Xmx2G -jar c:/josm-teasted,jar ) it have opened but very heavily :confused: ,
i have tried to open it with quickosm plugin in Qgis but its fail :frowning: .
what i want exactly a method allows me to deal with this file to extract buildings to a single layer .

is there a way helps me with this issue?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

That’s not a tile.

What you are working with sounds like it is a .osm file, and any XML editor capable of handling that file size should be able to work with it. You can also use a plain text editor.

Note that 2GB is the maximum file size for many older operating systems and, especially as the internal representation of an XML structure is likely to be larger than the serialised form, is likely to cause problems on machines with a less than 64 bit architecture and performance problems on machines with less than 4GB of physical memory.

You can use try osmfilter :


thenk you gus your response really helpt me :slight_smile: