Help / Been Many Changes

Hi, it’s been a bit since I have been on, I have had many Changes (Immigrated to Ecuador, New Laptop, much Chaos [LOL]) -But, here’s what’s on the Agenda: I have a Street to add to the Quito Ecuador Map (2 blocks long) -Have Goggle Confirmation Pix if needed -didn’t have my GPS (Garman GPSmap 60CSx) with me (next trip to the Capital) I need to load the mapping software to the new computer, submit the street -AND, I’d like to download the Ecuador Map for my Garman -I’d settle for Cuenca map (where I am living) at the least --But, I think I am going to need some step-by-step help to get the Ecuador Map on to the Garman. Is there Help for me to do this? (learning Spainsh right now is a full time thing -poco y poco) Thanks for any Help you can give me to go about this -I am sorry I am so scattered right now - Thanks, Tom aka Hwy101 (was in NorCal)
PS -Is this a IE only site? I notice that I was flipped to IE after Posting with Firefox (Surprise)!