Help and support description is too long

It gets not shown in full.

This category is for everyone who needs help with OpenStreetMap. You might be a new mapper; you might want to embed OpenStreetMap into your web page; or you might be a company wanting to use OpenStreetMap data. Your questions might be technical, practical or legal. No matter - you’re in the right pl…

Maybe remove "This category is "? or replace “wanting to use OpenStreetMap data” with “wanting to use our data” / “wanting to use this data” / “wanting to use data”?


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve shortened the text and now it’s fully visible :slight_smile:

It looks like this for me:

Looks like 200 characters.

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It seems mobile is even shorter. The description was taken from the current OSM Help site but if you have a shorter suggestion we can use that.

For everyone who needs help with OpenStreetMap; Whether you are a new or experienced, or if your question is technical, practical or legal.

How about this?

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Thanks, changed to the shorter version :slight_smile:

It either needs “mapper” or “user” adding to the end of that bit, or “a” in the middle removing.

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Yep sorry, pinging @nukeador to remove the “a” before “new”

To add, it might be better to condense the Discourse site feedback description as well, from:

In this sub-category you can report issues with the discourse site and also request new features or changes to the existing ones. You can also use it to request a new category.


Report issues with the Discourse site and also request new features, categories or changes.

I think it’s best to keep these as short as possible, as people will really just be scanning over these.

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Changed and done, thanks both for the feedback.

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