Help 3d buildings


They tell me in the work that I insert in OpenStreetMap the recreation of squares in a neighborhood. Since they want it to be quite realistic, I was thinking of modeling them in Blender and uploading it. I have seen that with JOSM and Kendzi3d there is the possibility of doing it, what happens is that I am new to this and I don’t know how to do it. Someone could tell me where to find somewhere to do “for newbies” I have seen a lot of information, but I just did not clarify.

Or could someone suggest another free option?

Thank you very much in advance

What is “realistic”? The most 3D-buildings are mapped with “simple 3D”:
Very realistic buildings in OSM needs very complex data. And that may be a problem for data maintenance.

I don’t know any way to import data from Blender, but there is a way to import OSM-data to Blender.

Note that this was also discussed over here:

As mentioned in that thread, the 3D Model Repository is intended for exactly this use case: Creating models in Blender and linking them them into OSM. Unfortunately, editor/renderer support is still quite limited, and I believe Kendzi3D doesn’t support it (yet?).