hello there

Hello there,
i am new about OSM, this project is really cool.
i’m the leader of an italian starting-up web agency with a lot of interests in geotagging, maps and so on.

May i ask a few questions?

we are developing two projects,
the first is a social network with 3 kind of account, one (it will the most used) is totally free, one has premium service and another is purely commercial, for companies. May i ask if is it possible to build a module for our custom cms with OSM? i still don’t know if it will be better OpenLayers or API becouse i’m really a newbye here.

The second project is a database for companies and their products. We’d like to implements the same cms with a few edit, and the same module. The point is that this site will have only commercial users.

I’m the only italian here? if not, is it possible to start an italian area in the forum? :slight_smile:

thank a lot.



I’m not sure if I understand your question. Do you want to know whether OSM integration into custom cms software is technically possible? Of course it is, but depending on your requirements the best way to do this may vary. Look at what OpenLayers can do and check whether it is enough for your needs.

Legally, there shouldn’t be a problem with using OSM. Whether your users are commercial companies doesn’t matter as long as you don’t need to integrate data incompatible with cc-by-sa into OSM data (whereas displaying on top of the map, for example, would be fine).

We do have an Italian mailing list, by the way, so if you want to contact Italian users, that might be worth a try.