Hello Thailand OSM community from Bolt

We at Bolt are happy to introduce our company, our mission and, most importantly, our mapping objectives in Thailand.

As a company, we are more than just another ride-hailing service. We’re on a mission to build cities for people, not cars. Committed to reducing the environmental footprint of mobility, we are fighting for better cities and a greener future by offering a better alternative to every purpose a private car serves.

We, as a mapping team are working to improve the OSM data available by reviewing and editing the road network, editing places of interest, adding and improving oneways and turn restrictions. Our team will follow OSM guidelines and local editing policies. All our edits will have a #bolt in the changeset comment.

Nowadays, Bolt operates in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.

You might have already noticed edits made by members of our team in these cities. Together with developing our operations in Thailand, we also aim to lay the foundation for a healthy dialogue, including constructive criticism, and further cooperation with the Thailand OSM community.

You can find more information about our current work with OSM in this GitHub repository or on our Wiki page.

Feel free to reach out via messaging Bolt024 or Bolt025.




Hello Bolt,

thank you for introducing yourself here in the community forum.

You might be interested in joining the regular sessions with Grab and TomTom. We started this last year to have a forum to exchange about organized editing and potential concerns of community. We will soon have a second session. We are sort of aiming at a quarterly cadence.

See here for further details:

Salim is setting it up. You might want to get in touch there to also coordinate a bit activities. We all have the same goals to make OSM the best open datataset of geodata…

Could you please give some additional details on how you plan to improve the data? Do you have a team of mappers located in Thailand? What other source do you plan to use for such local-knowledge-only details like one-ways and turn restrictions?

As turn-restrictions requires splitting roads and adding relations: This is a rather advanced topic. Please ensure that your editors have the necessary tools and training to not harm existing data.

Looking forward to hear more from you,



Hello Stephan,

Thank you for your response and all the useful information provided.

First, I would like to say that we would be pleased to be part of the regular sessions alongside the Grab and TomTom teams.

Here are some details about our editing plan in Thailand. Our team is basically splitted in two. There is a team in charge of the editing part and there is also a Map Specialists team based in Europe and Africa which will provide support for the editing team and also will assure the Quality Control for their edits. There is a process in place where about once a month, we take all the edits and validate them in order to assure that our input in the map is correct. The QC is provided by people with 5+ years of experience in OSM and corporate mapping. The tools used for editing are JOSM (primary) and ID Editor.
Our sources for editing are Satellite Imagery (Maxar, Esri, Bing) and Street View Imagery (Mapillary and Karta View).

If there is further information needed from our side, please let us know.
Have a great weekend!

Bolt team.

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Hello @Bolt025 (Bianca),

Will be glad to have a conversation with you on what can interest all parties for improving the map.