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Could i get factories and farms location in United Kingdom,if so how much their are estimate salary per month or week for general worker

OSM is a database of physical object and thier location. Each object is described by a series of key values that describe the object in the most concise way possible. It will like only contain information about each building or farm. The most relevant data to you is likely the location and the name and possibly website for the company responsible for it.

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Yes, such data can be filtered out of the OSM database.

These are not geodata and I doubt you will find detailed individual information available to the public anywhere. Some average data you may find on sites like


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this what you’ve said,and how can i access to osm?

OSM will store locations of farm land in UK, bit of might not have a high coverage. Salaries would not be stored in OSM.

I suspect you would find the information you want from the UK government as part of their open data offering. If older data is ok, you might find it from the EU as part of open data for farm subsidises but I’m just guessing here.