Hello from Sunny Worthing

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I’d introduce myself.

I live in Worthing, Sussex which is quite sparsely mapped at the moment.

I borrowed a GPS data logger and did some roads I commonly drive on just as a test went to upload them to discover Brwk had done those exact same roads a few days earlier, Spooky!!

Anyway, I was wondering if there would be any way to contact him/her so we could co-ordinate our efforts so as not to go over the same roads.

I’ve tried messaging Brwk, but I get an error every time I hit send, is this a known bug?

Btw, if Brwk reads this you can contact me at ‘tony dot zottola at ntlworld dot com’ if you’re interested in any help.

Keep up the good work chaps!

Tony Z

Hi Blackarrow/tony Z.

I think its a known bug, I get the error mesage also, and others have the same.

You could try sticking a node with a note=‘message’ tag on. (Since its an empty area I don’t think it would hurt to much)

Thanks Ben,

I was looking through the bug list and saw it mentioned there.

I don’t know if you would know, but is there any news on when it scheduled to be fixed, the bug report doesn’t say and it is a bit of a problem on a community site, having no easy way to contact other members.

Having said that, I know a lot of the people do it in their spare time so don’t want to pressure anyone!

BTW, I ordered my DG-100 today, so should be mapping by the weekend!!


I dought there is any sceduled time it is going to be fixed, and I suspect it is seen as a minor problem at the moment, but there is a ticket here