Hello from near Coventry

Hi all,

I’ve caught the bug and wonder if there’s anybody else active in my area (Coventry/Solihull/Kenilworth).

My plan is to map my village (Balsall Common), of which I reckon I’ve done a little shy of 50% and then move outwards. I don’t want to tread on any toes though.



So that would be a ‘no’ then?


Check here: http://www.itoworld.com/static/osmmapper to se when people last edited you surroundings.

It’s pretty hard to get in touch with people mapping things similar to you, it’s a long standing bug… :slight_smile:

…and, besides, only a fraction of the OSM userbase reads the forum. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the forum - there isn’t - but the mailing lists, and the user diaries, are more popular.

Certainly there are a bunch of mappers active in Coventry. My only mapping in the area has been sorting out the elusive A452 through Kenilworth!

Heh. The A452 was the first bit I looked at - I wanted to see if somebody had made an assumption rather than knowing the correct route!

I’ll keep my eyes on the itoworld site to see who’s active around here.



I’ve only just discovered the forums, Nick, and you know how long I’ve been mapping (i.e. not quite as long as you). I stumbled across it’s existence when reading Talk:Main_Page on the wiki.

I do read (and occasionally post to) 6 of the mailing lists though. Still looking around these forums to see what there is.

Both the forum and the Mailing List should be linked to on the main OSM page, just as the user diaries and blog are. If not for giving it more of a community appearance, it will encorage newcomers to read or ask, rather than stumbling blindly.

Anyway a late hi Nick,

I map south of Daventry, so not too far, although with more and more people joining OSM, ‘nearest editors’ are no longer 10-50 miles away but more like 0-10miles, so I imagine there’s many 10’s of active users closer to you.