Hello from Gloucester


I’m a programmer in Gloucester and I’ve been interested in OSM for quite some time although I only started editing today. I’m trying to improve Gloucester coverage although sadly I don’t have a GPS device. However I’ve so far added some road names, etc.

Well that’s me. Hello. :slight_smile:



Another newbie saying hello. I’m based in South Somerset, near Crewkerne. Stumbled across the project when surfing the web and want to get involved. I like walking and cycling so hope to get some paths mapped around my area.

Currently shopping for a handheld device. Any recommendations welcome.



Crewkerne hey? There’s definately some more mapping to do in this area. B roads to the South, and certainly footpaths will keep you busy!

GPS units? Personally I didn’t really know what to get, so I just bought a cheap one via the special deal from Storage Depot (a NaviGPS). Seems to work, but there’s more information about the GPS choices on our GPS Reviews

Hi Bobby! :slight_smile:
I am also shopping for a GPS unit. Just reading your link Harry, thanks for that.

Hi guys, welcome to osm/osm forum.

Bobby: are you mapping urban or country? It’d be great to see some more people mapping the areas between towns in osm, so if that’s what you intend to map then that’s great! (obviously any mapping is good though!)

I do actually have a Garmin 76cs gps that I could sell if it’s the sort of thing either of you are after. (Discuss in email if you wish).

Hi guys, I’m just looking at giving a hand with the project. I’m also based in gloucester :slight_smile: