Heliport N of Bucuresti

Is there more information available about this heliport, to the North of the capital, adjacent to the Aurel Vlaicu Airport?
I searched for it in the AIP, which is supposed to list all civilian aerodromes, but could not find it. Would it perhaps be military?


I think it is part of the Airport, there were news in 2015 about a heliport being built by the airport and the one linked by you appears in historical imagery to be constructed in that timeframe.

Thanks! Would you have a pointer to the news from 2015, even if it would likely be in local language?
(I have a friend who can translate Romanian for me, and no, it is not that wh____t of a G___gle)

Now that I am looking again, the news that I have previously found are from 2008, in which they say that they will construct some facilities by 2015, but it seems that it was a false theory. After a lot of research I found that it is actually a military base (UM 0970).
Here is an official documents regarding this military base specifying the address Calea Ion Zăvoi 16 (https://sgg.gov.ro/new/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/NFHGANEXE.pdf), I though that it is enough evidence as it is the only thing resembling a military base on the street, but then I also found this document: http://www.sgg.ro/legislativ/docs/2016/11/r850kd4qgx9z2mnfsb_y.pdf in which you can see the cadastral number (204943). This number is exactly that plot of land linked by you, so I think that the mystery is solved.

Many thanks! I will look into it as soon as I find time but that may take a couple of days, at least.

I have now added a name= and also a little note= to https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/755104632 ; I hope and trust it is to satisfaction. If not, feel free to discuss!

I made a few changes to the tagging of the area after I read the documents more in depth. It is actually administered by Inspectoratul General de Aviație al M.A.I. which is on the same street a few metres to the west. (the second link was a document from 2016 in which the heliport was created and given to “Unitatea Specială de Aviație București” and the first link is from 2018, transferring the area to IGAv). I also put the tag landuse=military, while it is not administered by the military it is still an strategic location and I took as example the nearby tags for the Jandarmerie and the police academy which both have an landuse=military tag.

Thank you very much. The use of the “military” tagging could be argued, though :slight_smile: But myself will not meddle, it looks quite acceptable as it is now.