Hebrew Wikipedia Coordinates Bot

As you know, a Wikipedia article may have a coordinates set for its location (place, historical event, whatever). From what I see, people here don’t like using them as they don’t trust them to come from a “legal” source. I’m not sure that manually copying a single datum from one data set is a problem, but I guess that’s the standard here.

Recently two people suggested an improved method to add coordinates to an article: if the article has no coordinates but some of the pictures in it have geographical location attributes, they may be candidates to derive geographical location from. Naturally, a picture may have an inaccurate (or slightly misplaced: a picture taken from near-by the location). Thus the bot generates a series of candidates, and for each candidate it provides a link to Google Maps to help better identifying the exact location.

I gave the above argument and asked them if they could use OpenStreetMap instead. They answered that they don’t think that there’s any legal issue with it and anyway, they don’t know how to work with OpenStreetMap. So, if:

  • this botheres you, and,
  • you can present them with a case as to why there is an issue here, and
  • you can help them using OpenStreetMap,

then you can contact https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Nurick