Heavy flood in Nepal.

Schrijffoutje; onder punt 5 moet het ingelogd i.pv. ingelogt zijn. (Als je even inlogt… / Als je hebt ingelogd…) Misschien ook nuttig om te laten weten dat het bericht “Namens de community, met vriendelijke groet,…” is.

Punt 5… is het niet zo dat je alleen ingelogd moet zijn om te kunnen meepraten?

Punt 5 zit nog niet in mn welkomstbericht.

De hyperlink naar de changsets stuur ik in een aparte PB omdat dan er een grotere kans bestaat dat je antwoord krijgt. Vaak ook alleen als ik naast PB met welkom gestuurd …nog een opmerking heb gemaakt.

Dat namens de community is een ‘goeie’.

Dank voor de tips.

Dear friends,

thank you a lot in name of all nepali mapper for all your great help in Nepal!
Netherland mapper did and do very lot during this tragic disaster time.
Your help is still needed. OSM maps are there in use by the government authorities and NGO´s.

Best regards,

It remains a mystery how osm can be helpful to the Nepalese government. If there is not enough money to print paper maps, then how can they afford the computers that are necessary to make use of osm? If they have computers, which seems to be true, then why doesn’t the Nepalese government hire 100 people to map these four relatively small areas? It is nice to help but not if the recipient appears lazy.

Does the Dutch government provide a high resolution layer when there is a disaster in the Netherlands ?? :roll_eyes:

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There is no master study in geoscience in whole Nepal.

I´m doing map for people they have Apps like OSMand and use it in disaster areas and for KLL which prints big maps and provide it to the NGO´s active in disaster regions.

There is very huge and interesting gape between skills of young, engaged Nepali and old political ang administrative stuctures comes directly from the King era. One can say, generation crash. The young, more educated people understand what can be done with the map and they do.

[moderator edit] This OSM forum is not a place to exchange political views, statements and more.

[moderator edit] This OSM forum is not a place to exchange political views, statements and more.

Long time ago that I did this mapping stuff. After the call for Help on TV for Nepal flooding I started.
My question is what scale of detail is required e.g. for mapping buildings. Some maps are full little sheds which are houses in Nepal I guess. Most of them are already marked as Residential areas (colour yellow). Should all little sheds/houses be marked as buildings?
Please advise.

Hello Eilandgast,
there is the wiki page: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Project_Ilam_specification#Buildings
One can find there some details more about mapping in Nepal.
Yes, please collect every visible buildings, even if shed like.

Thank you very much for help!

I found some interesting links about drone mapping in dense area’s ;

Please take a look: Nepali do a lot using OSM:

Is this a house?

No, it´s harvest.

This weather woman (Jill Peeters) from Flanders says it right ;

Translation ; The “Forgotten Harvey” with more than 1000x so many victims, and undoubtedly less than 1000x so much resources for reconstruction or evacuation.