Heads-up: Automatic replacement of the deprecated place_name tags

Following the Automated Edits code of conduct guideline to “Document and discuss your plans”, I’m letting everyone know that given the 2012 deprecation of the place_name tag, I’m planning to remove all place_name* tags in Israel.

The place_name* tag will be used to set the equivalent name* tag, if such a tag does not exist. For example, the name tag will be taken from the place_name tag , name:en from place_name:en, etc. Where applicable, the Hebrew place name will be used for the name tag.

Contradictions between a place_name* tag and its corresponding name* tag will be resolved manually.

The plan is to perform the change after 25-Dec-2016.

For the current use of place_name* tags in Israel, please see this Overpass Turbo query.

Can you please change all the elements containing משצק* tag as well (name written in Hebrew)?
Worth mentioning that I have removed them in the past and they were added again.

People, please pay attention when adding manual tags…

Handling Hebrew in tag names is a separate issue.

This Overpass Turbo query provides all elements in Israel with a tag containing a Hebrew letter. It’s currently a total of 11 ways and 2 nodes.