Heads up: "Amenity Editor" web app broken

From ‘Talk’ mailing list:

In a blast from the past we noticed today that the “Amenity Editor” web
app is not actually 64bit OSM id compatible and breaks things, see
https://github.com/grundid/amenity-editor/issues/3 for the issue.

There has only been ~500 edits with the tool since February 2013 (when
we hit signed 32bit integer overflow with node ids, it may be that the
error actually only started manifesting itself when unsigned ints
overflowed in July of this year). If you have recent edits with the app
you may want to check them, all others: please don’t use it. There are
some other, not so serious, issues that should be fixed before it is
really up to what we would expect from a current editor.