Hawkesburry River all dried up (according to OSM)


Anyone know how to fix this part of the river?? It should be blue, but is currently land.

I have had a look and the tags and ways seem continuous.

Gee wiz Austrlia is a bit of a mess at the moment :slight_smile:

Matt :slight_smile:


There was a gap in the riverbank near Gunderman, that I fixed and it seems that the dry period of Hawkesbury River is bypassed :wink:


Few - thanks that was a lot of fish going to die :slight_smile:

Thanks for fixing it up. Are there tools or tips on finding these gaps? or are you just more patient them me :slight_smile:

Matt :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

Have a look at the OSM wiki about http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Quality_assurance … there are some tools to find errors in the OSM data.

I think that living in a country where 10% of the area is covered by lakes is helpful. :wink: Our second largest lake (Päijänne) had also dried up some times ago, when a user modified the shoreline. It took a while to restore the lake, since the shoreline is more than 2000 km (almost 1400 miles) long.

I checked the riverbank relation of Hawkesbury River with OSM Relation Analyzer, even though it’s not the best tool for these kinds of relations. But there’s a map tool withing the checker. “Hot air balloons” show where there might be a problem with the relation. I found an “extra” balloon and could therefore fix the relation easily.