havrita.com illegal use of openstreetmap

Stray dog haters share dog locations on the map at Havrita.com and kill/poison them. I think this is illegal use of OpenStreetMap data and service. Site is operating in Turkiye. Can you prevent their usage of OSM services?

The website is currently inaccessible (at least to me), and other than any potential violation of the OSM ToS for tile usage, any organisation is free to make use of OSM data for any purpose (obviously subject to legality in any given jurisdiction).

The nature of free and open data is that OSM, the OSMF or general contributors do not police what the data are used for, nor do they have any entitlement to do so. There may be a consensus not to map certain data (e.g., military facilities in some countries, or womens’ refuges), but this reflects that this is the only action available to mappers. The most that people do is to hassle organisations which do not attribute OSM correctly.

Someone has posted, on Twitter, the contents of a letter from the Data Working Group, which is, more-or-less, the official position.