Having problems with France cyle map on North Am. Garmin Edge Touring

I bought a Garmin Edge Touring in California (so I have North America basemap, etc.). I am able to download the cycle map for California and everything seems to work. But when I download the cycle map for France I don’t get any POIs and am having trouble even seeing the map. Can someone help me please?


Which website you are using to download the cycle map

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Website I was using: http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/


If you want to put two maps on your device and download it from garmin.openstreetmap.nl they both are named “gmapsupp.img”. On most devices (like the Edge) you can rename them to whatever.img as long as you store them in the same Garmin folder. Don’t use subfolders and always keep img as extension. Also don’t activate more maps at the same time, some maps will cover other maps. Pois on OSM maps can be limited, so it is likely you cannot find every hotel or restaurant on the map.

Thank you for your reply. I have only the France cycle map that I downloaded enabled on my device. And there are zero POIs visible to me. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Is it because I don’t have the European basemap, etc.?

No, a European basemap is not needed, I suppose you’ve zoomed all the way in, for example in Paris?
If you have Basecamp on your computer, you could browse the map from the device and check if it looks ok.
What you also could do is check the installed map with Javawa device manager.

I couldn’t zoom out far enough from California to be able to find France by swiping on my teeny tiny screen…

Anyway, I think my map might working but the POIs are not very good. For example, when I try to use the Search Tools, Cities, the message I get is:

No results found. Try adjusting search parameters.

I get the same message if I choose Search All POIs.

I’m trying to find a way to get the France map to display on my screen and I can’t figure out a search that will work to do that… I thought for sure I should be able to find Paris… Any suggestions?

Are there any POI’s that I can try?

When you “Show Map” on a Garmin, what should it show? If the only map I have enabled is the France cycling map, why doesn’t it show that?

I’m so confused!

I’m not familiar with the Edge Touring, are you sure you don’t have a worldwide basemap? Most Garmins have at least a world basemap so you can simply scroll to any place in the world without using the search function. BTW you can safely have this basemap active next to the OSM map.

Thank you for your help! I didn’t know the basemap was world wide - I thought it was just North America, at least the one I had… Anyway, I’ve gotten France in the map view! Thanks so much! I still have a ways to go but this was a big start :slight_smile:

Cool, now you can search for some pois :slight_smile: Usually you can switch / simulate your location to for instance France, by switching off the Satellite mode (on some devices called demo mode, I’m not sure how that works with the Edge).