having a problem getting tracks off my garmin

I’ve been activley uploading my tracks off my garmin oregon for about six months now. I think I’ve made a nice contribution, especially to some of the hiking trails in New York.

I just got back from a trip to Grand Cayman. I had my Oregon so I have lots of tracks over many of the new roads down there. It would be great to add this info since the yahoo satellite maps are old and incomplete and they have built news roads that currently are not on our map.

I’m having a problem though. I am doing nothing different from what I normally do. First I upload to mapsource and make minor edits to the tracks, removing errors and such. then I save as a gpx and upload to this site.

this time, however, mapsource won’t accept the tracks from my garmin. An error comes up. I also tried uploading directly to openstreetmap but it says:

failed to import. Here’s the error:

Generic XML parse error
XML parser at line 1 column 858

just downloaded gpsbabel and it too is having a problem opening my current tracks off my GPSr.

I can open the file in notepad and see all the track info is there. I can also view the tracks on my GPSr from my trip.

I really don’t want to loose the info. What should I try next?

I did contact garmin tech support since mapssource told me too when I had the error. They said the error was due to temp files on my computer. I followed their directions without any improvement:
“The XML_DOMERRORHANDLER.CPP error indicates an error while creating a back up file in the ‘Temp’ folder on the ‘C:’ drive. You will need to clean out the Temp folder, and then try to load the maps or data again”

no luck.

When does this error occur? Does it occur while downloading from your GPS Receiver using the build-in function in Mapsource? What is the error?

If I understand you correctly, you already have a xml file containing your tracks. Where does this file come from?
Perhaps you can upload the file somewhere and insert a link in this forum so that other people can have a look at it.

Fixed it!

I realized this trip was one of the first times I had made a custom route with the GPSr. So being that it was something different from what I normally do, I erased it. It still didn’t work so I went ahead and deleted all my waypoints too. Using notepad I had seen that waypoint info was part of that GPX file so I figured it was worth a shot since I have all my custom waypoints saved on my computer anyway, and can reload them later.

So now it works. Somehow my waypoints were interfering. Maybe I made a new waypoint on my trip that used a bad character??? anyway, I’ll edit my tracks and upload them to openstreetmap shortly. Thanks!!!

I think I read that some models add garbage bathwater waypoints, so mapsource throws out the baby too.

I did understand on a dutch forum that the recieve button in mapsource doesn’t work with the Oregon, you have to use explorer for loading your waypoints/tracks/routes into Mapsource, so maybe you don’t have a problem, it just works in a different way.
Why it is I don’t know, and I also don’t know if the send button works or not.

I’ve had no problems uploading my tracks to mapsource from my oregon before. But considering it worked this time after I deleted the waypoints, I guess that was the problem. It is possible, that while I was on vacation, I created a new waypoint that was incompatible. I think I read somewhere that symbols, such as “&” make gpx file uploads fail.

After loading the tracks, I cleared the track memory, and reloaded my old saved waypoints, such as my house and such. I then took a hike today not far from home, close to areas that I’ve made tracks before for uploading. We’ll see if I run into the problem again when I get home and try uploading the new tracks.

btw. referring to my original message. Is there a way to find out what is the 858th column of line 1? I did view the .gpx file in notepad but I wasn’t about to count characters out to 858. Maybe if I opened it with another program I could have easily located that 858th character to see what was causing the problem in the file?

In Notepad, go to View menu, and select the option for “Status bar”. Then the status bar should show what line number / character number the cursor is at.
Though if you are doing much editing of XML files there are better editors than Notepad. eg Foxe http://www.firstobject.com/dn_editor.htm
It has syntax highlighting etc, which should make any errors easier to spot. Plus it can indent and align the XML, to make it easier to read.