Anyone here resident in the Hat-Yai District or Songkhla Province areas, or who gets here quite often, or even who is fairly close by. I guess you might call me a lifetime amateur map enthusiast. I have made a few very minor OSM edits in Hat-Yai, manually and with GPS data. As I’m retired, there is room for cooperation hereabouts, I think.


I’m not a resident but I do drop by the border provinces from time to time to do mapping. Nice to meet you.

My ongoing project is trying to document towns and villages in their native language Kelantan-Pattani Malay https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelantan-Pattani_Malay but haven’t been able to find reliable collaborators.

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I’m not a frequent visitor to the southern provinces but do I want to welcome you to the OSM community. Dive in, start mapping areas you’re interested in and are familiar with and don’t hesitate to ask for help either here or on the general OSM help forum.

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Dave (AlaskaDave)