Hassle to 'recontact' someone

When i get via email, a message, that someone reacted on a mapping that i did in OSM, and i want(in that email) to direct react/comment,by giving details and text(images etc.) , i get an “error/message”, that i first have to login on OSM, or that otherwise the message from me not arrives at the person whom i want to answer.
Also, if i want to include some images to explain, i first have to ask that person his email address to send those, otherwise not possible.
So, i think that, when someone just “once in a while” maps on OSM, and then, after a ‘long time’ gets a mail/reaction from someone, it is possible that that person already has forgotten the login password from OSM, and thinks ; “fxxkit, i don’t want that hassle”. :roll_eyes: