Has my IP been blocked?

I am developing an application in Ruby that uses the gem openstreetapi. It is a bit old, but it does the job. I think that behind the scene it does a request of the kind


Today I have been receiving several Service Unaivalable errors. Interestingly, my collegue is using the same library and he does not have any issue. This made me think that maybe my IP has been blocked.

I don’t think I have abused the servers as I request at most one way (building footprint) at the time and I do this at most once every few minutes while I am developing.

Is there a way to verify if my IP has been blocked?

Also, what is the difference between this forum and https://help.openstreetmap.org/? Is this the right place for this question?

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Acutally there appears to be some heavy traffic on the webservers. Different activities are delayed or produce error messages … further details in the replies here, look at #20
Performancenprobleme? - #27 by mmd
(use the translation icon to translate into english, if necessary).

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Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. I will try to increase the timeout or maybe use a different server if possible.

Note that OSM Editing API is intended for editing.

How many footprints you request? Fetching some with that is fine, fetching millions (and not doing it for editing purposes) is abuse of this service and may get you blocked. Or you may be causing problems for OSM servers.

Overpass API - OpenStreetMap Wiki ( Overpass turbo - OpenStreetMap Wiki ) or other methods for Downloading data - OpenStreetMap Wiki may be preferred.

There is a migration to this forum as software powering old QA site is dying.

Also note that this gem is quite old: for example OSM is licensed as ODBL for years.


One footprint at the time :slight_smile: every few minutes or so and just when I am testing.

I will defintely have a look at the solutions you suggesting. Also, I migtht introduce some kind of caching as the ways I download tend to be always the same.



One footprint at the time :slight_smile:every few minutes or so and just when I am testing.

it should be ok, definitely not the cause of server slowdown.

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