Has anyone tried importing OSM maps into Memory Map?

I use Memory Map on my PC and PDA, and would like to import OSM maps onto it. According to http://www.memory-map.co.uk/board/index.php?showtopic=42 there are various formats that can be used for import, just wondering if anyone’s done it and can tell me how?

I’ve tried OSMtracker and BSGPSPDA but neither are stable or fully useable on my iPAQ h2210. :cry: Memory map enables me to cut my tracks into sections before export to GPX too, which is handy.

Thanks for any info people can provide!

I don’t know anything about MM but the tiles provided by OpenStreetMap are in PNG format which is supported by MemoryMap as stated in the link you gave. Don’t know what you must do to get those maps calibrated, provide zooming etc. in MM.

I would love to be able to do this, as I use memory map frequently. It would be good to lay osm rendered squares on the 3D landscape. I can’t seem to find any options to import the types of files listed on that link in the MM version I have though, maybe this is a new feature?

Hi, just searched and found this thread as I too would like to use OSM exports in Memory Map. Anyone got any clues yet?

I use Memory Map on my Windows Mobile phone while out on my bike, it would be handy to have the OSM map showing me where I need to map / get GPS traces for updating OSM.

I’ve tried to export as PNG but when I tell MM to search for new maps in a directory, it says “PNG color type must be PALETTE”. Besides, isn’t PNG just another image format? It wouldn’t have any location data associated with it to tell MM exactly where to put the image?

Thanks, Jon.

“Color type: Palette” is when the image has 256 colors instead of 16 million. In image editting programs you want to save the PNG as a “indexed color”…

You cannot import maps into Memory Map OS Navigator, to do this you need the none OS version of Navigator which I downloaded for free from MM. I imported several scanned images of maps, they then have to be calibrated and saved as native maps readable by the standard OS Navigator. There are instructions in the help how to “Calibrate” self scan maps. The import image could just as easily be an image of an OSM map but I seem to remember it only imports certain image types and only 256 colours.


Wondering if there’s been any updates to the task above - I’m a newbie trying to do the same thing. Would appreciate some idiot instructions