Hard Drive Full Strategy?

Hello all,

What happens when renderd creates so many .meta files that the disk becomes full? Will it delete some of the older .meta files automatically?

If not, would it be wise to have a cronjob check if the disk were full and then delete the oldest 10% or so of .meta files?


No renderd will not automatically delete files. OSM.org uses this script to clean up: http://git.openstreetmap.org/chef.git/blob/HEAD:/cookbooks/tile/templates/default/cleanup-tiles.erb (1st parameter is folder to clean)

Thanks for the script!

I had to install some perl modules first to make it work:

cpan App::cpanminus
cpanm Filesys::Df
cpanm LockFile::Simple

When looking for a quick fix, I usually remove the highest zoom tiles. They’re the quickest to rerender and will only be rerendered when a user is actively zooming in far enough to that area again.