Hallo, New "member" of OSM here.

Just saying “Hi”

I am so used to forums requiring a new set of username and password that I didn’t get in 'till now.
I kept getting “forum Not accepting members” when i tried registering, then i saw a post about site update where username and password are used from the OSM mapping site.
Why don’t other forums do this?

Anyway, I have spent hours over the last couple of weeks filling in my town and learning as I go.

At this stage, I am going to be doing more detail and fixing the lake shore. (and fixing some of my earlier mistakes… like Not merging crossroad intersections)
But, I am taking it slow so as to understand relations,tags,keys,boundrys etc. better before I do.
From a motorists point of view, the map of my town is now good enough to not get lost… but is still not good enough for a GPS as routing will probably be weird.

Jay! Another enthusiastic member. Welcome!

Welcome. Sounds like you’re off to a great start. :slight_smile:

Yay, welcome!

And don’t hesitate to show us your work! :slight_smile:

Home Location:
Latitude:49.490673755411 Longitude:-117.28566894062

There’s a link called “Permalink” which will give you a URL that points to the place you’re viewing on the map.
Nelson, British Columbia.

I just had a look at the Wikipedia page about Nelson and that’s a beautiful city you have there. :slight_smile:

Hi there i am a new member of this forum i have visit this
site for a while and than decided to being sign up over here …A nice looking forum this is and i hope to enjoy a good time on here

Hey friends, i am new to this forum, and i am here to get some knowledge from you guys. looking forward for positive replies.

Hello there, I would like to welcome you to the forum though I am new here as well. I have been in some dire need for a great working map assistant and though have jumped from quite a number of options already, there never came a stable one that would work well within my needs. I hope that we both have found what we need here, which I think would be more than enough, for now at least.