haifa-ref tag

What is the haifa-ref tag, scattered around Haifa?

(not sure if it is still relevant to the topic starter; but since I could not find any documentation for the tag, I’d post it here for everyone’s reference)

Apparently, it is the street code (קוד רחוב) as appears in Haifa municipal GIS system at http://gis.haifa.muni.il/haifa_html5/

For example, Nahum Wilbush (נחום וילבוש) street appears to have haifa-ref set to 259. The street code at Haifa muni GIS site has the same value.

(perma.cc archive links: OSM page, Haifa GIS page)

The tag’s origin is probably here: https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=10529. That topic’s starter (Mr_Israel) says: “I have also added a new tag Haifa-ref that refers to the number on the streetnames on the source website.” My guess is that by “the source website” he refers to gis.haifa.muni.il

That info is still relevant to me (I am the topic starter. Username renamed since then).

Thank you so much for the info!

“Haifa-ref” should probably have been called “ref:haifa” or “haifa:ref”, i.e., the “ref” tag in the “haifa” namespace. I’m not asking for a rename; I am just trying to raise awareness of the tag naming convention.