Haifa Polygon

Hi all,

There are 2 Haifa polygons.
Could someone please merge them into one?

  1. Way 70748991
    Has only landuse=residential

  2. Way 67600000
    Is part of a multipolygon relation
    I’m not sure having a multipolygon is correct, as AFAIK, that area in the inner polygon is also part of Haifa (it might not be residential, so smaller landuse polygons might be in place)
    This way also includes areas north-east of the Check Post.

Thanks, talkat.

I would like to merge them.
I’m just not sure what to rely on to determine the correct bounds. (Other than personal knowledge)
Is there a map provided by the state/county with this information?

I guess that at first it’s better than the current situation.

The Haifa Tourist Board publish a tourist map, but its license doesn’t allow using it in OSM.

The Wikipedia page for Haifa (also Haifa Suburbs) lists its suburbs, so it can be deducted what should be in and what isn’t.
e.g. Kiryat Haim is a suburb in Haifa.